Todd Ronnei's
Churchill Stamps and Covers
(and other philatelic pursuits)


Welcome to my site. I have collected stamps and covers of Winston Churchill for over twenty years. Through this site I'd like to share some of the items in my collection with other interested collectors.

In addition to collecting Churchill items, I regularly create cacheted commemorative and first day covers with a Churchill theme. I always make a few extras, so click here if you want to see what's currently available for purchase.

Other (non-Churchill) first days covers I have created are also a part of my site. You can view and purchase those covers by clicking here.


About me: I have been a stamp collector for over 35 years. I am a longstanding member of the American Philatelic Society and the American First Day Cover Society. I am an active participant and on the staff of the Virtual Stamp Club, the oldest and largest online stamp collecting discussion group. Finally, I am the founder and moderator of the online group for Churchill stamp and cover collectors, WSCstamps.

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